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Saturday, July 28, 2012


To be frank, I have close to no idea of what I am doing. I just enjoy people's criticism I suppose, or perhaps that small sense of accomplishment of when I click "publish". Since I wish not to show my face on youtube, or have enough privacy to make a decent video, I decided on blogging thanks to xiaxue.

Speaking of blogging. The vlogs I find interestingon youtube are funny and random; yet might hold some sort of lesson to it and are realistic and down to earth. So far I only found a couple of good vloggers coincidentally they're both asian. Most blogs seem to center around random pretty ladies putting on makeup, makeup tutorials or advertising products. It really does suck considering that I don't usually wear any makeup. I was thinking i can make my own vlog, but not sure how that will end up, so I'm kinda procrastinating and postponing the whole idea as I'm sure it will never happen. Although, I did manage to make my first little slideshow video on youtube. It's just pictures I have taken over the years and put it with a song. It sounds simple, and it is; but it's rather an accomplishment for someone that never edited a video in her life, oh, did I forget to mention that I'm a girl? I suppose I'll make an introduction of myself in the next blog.        

Here's the video, like I said it is pretty simple, and supposedly random and pointless. Enjoy.

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