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Monday, August 20, 2012

An Identity Card

I got my ID card this morning and it was a bit awkward. The lady working wasn't very friendly, but my picture was cute, thank God. I lied about my height saying im 5''2. i might be 5''1. but not sure.
i also got a debit card. the manager was cute with salt and pepper hair and he was sweet. charming married fellow. typical banker? i dont know.
We also went shopping again, this time for my mom. We didnt get a number for me yet. and still no library, horse back riding, or picking berries in a farm. oh how i wish i can do those three.
We ate at the chinese buffet today. The menu improved quite a bit but the class seems to have dropped. you can tell from the bathrooms. We went to the waterfront and watched a couple playing the violin while one did some tap dancing for a bit. it was amazing how another man joined at one time..and it just seemed like the arabic dabka. Just to show how similar everyone is to eachother even oceans apart.
I did the dished today, yey! okay, im not so used to chores. but i'll manage!

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