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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

A child Called It

Today my uncle, my father's youngest brother, took me to the book store to buy the book that i wanted. he even went yesterday by himself but because i'm an idiot, I told him its called "a boy named it" instead of "a child called it" he didn't get it. makes me feel kinda awful that he had to go twice for me over a book. I'm happy that he did though, it's probably because i'm leaving but it made me happy that he cared this much.

I also talked to Nor, my BFF, today. She called to talk to me before im leaving, since im tomorrow is my last day. It started to finally kick in. that i wont be living here,with my family. That im leaving this country. I really couldn't care less about the country but i like my family. They're something but they're there. 

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