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Monday, September 3, 2012

A Day of Clay

Yesterday morning we heard some horrible news. my dad's second brother had a car accident. He bumped into a car then when he got out of his car to check, a bus ran into his door which forced it to shut on his finger severing it. It's awful to hear, yet my sisters and i still went to a clay cafe where we picked little statues or mugs or plates and colour coat them thrice. it was a lot of fun. Dana picked a mug that she designed herself and my sis and i picked this 4 piece chinese dragon to decorate our apartment with. we never got to finish it but whats important is Dana. We stayed there for hours just painting the scales of the dragon blue and green. We get to pick Dana's mug on thursday.
At night we took some subways home. note to self: get the foot long next time!

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