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Thursday, February 13, 2014

what's in two dollars?

As I was walking to the bus stop early tuesday morning, a man turned to me and asked for some money. He said he hasn't easten since yesterday and that he currently resides in the shelter. He was a white man in his thirties, he looked shaved and clean, but one of the lenses of his glasses were cracked. I complied to his request, almost immidetietly pulling out my wallet. he in return pulled out the change he has in his pocket. He showed them to me, explaining he only had 60 cents. I pulled out the first thing that I touched in the pocket of the wallet and handed it to him. I sincerly regret it. I only gave him a tooney (2$) and 10 cents. what in God's name is gonna fill him up with only 2.80 $? I had more voins with me, but I didn't think. I hate how I can't think when I'm under pressure. I don't even remember if I smiled back at him when he said I was a "good girl" I wish I've given him just an extra dollar, or asked him to pray for me instead of thank me. I wish I told him something meaningful, or went along with him to eat as well.

But, I had other things to do, and perhaps the only reason why I donnt feel bad for leaving the house late and missing my bus, is meeting him. I should have, however, taken the first bus I come across instead of being half an hour late to class!

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