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Monday, February 10, 2014

Release the Flies!

A moving disaster moment

yeah, and so today as I was checking on the flies that I have crossed, my sleeve rubs against the little sponge cover of someone else's fly jar. The little spongy cover fell off and a swarm of flies just flew out of the incubator! they flew right at me, I freaked the hell out, I think I even yelped then quickly covered the little container thing and closed the incubator door. There was one other guy in the lab at that time and he was sitting away from me. I looked at him, and he didn't seem to take notice of me, which was good!
But I just...looked back at the incubator, and surely about 20 flies were resting on top of the incubator and some were flying around inside it. I a panic, just walked out of the lab and just left. I thought of telling my genetics professor about this, but it was 5:00 pm and he wasn't in school. I just blurted it all out to my lab partner and my sister. I just freaked out and couldnt focus until i told them.
I still feel a bit anxious when i think about it. I totally just infested my university with flies!!!!

Then i went to my class, and picked up some turkish food for myself and sister, which she loved! the original plan was to get a cheesecake since it's her birthday, but for some reason the store was closed, so I went to Turkish Delight.

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