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Saturday, February 18, 2017

Jane Elliot

Augh....New obsession: Jane Elliot

Every once in a while, I become fixated on a topic, absolutely engrossed in it, perhaps due to my tenacious nature.

Topics vary from the Sansons: the executioner family of pre-revolution France; The Palestinian "situation"; The Saga of Darren Shan, etc...

This time I can't help but be involved with Jane Elliot's many similar videos and experiments on racism and subconscious discrimination.

So, I urge everyone to watch this snippet of what she says and how she delivers her message:

Now, you may already heard of Jane Elliot, or at least her infamous social experiment on her 3rd grade students: Blue Eyes/ Brown Eyes in which she divided her classroom based on the colour of their eyes and gave superiority to one, inferiority to the other, and watched as they mistreated each other solely for that reason. Grades, behaviour, reasonings, and friendships were ALL affected. Derogatory terms were even based on eye colour "blue eyes" was used as an insult.

I can't stop watching videos about her. She's a remarkable teacher, observer, and human being. God bless her.


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