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Wednesday, June 28, 2017


I sit writing this at three in the morning.

but, I haven't quite gotten a couple of hours to myself for two weeks now.

First my Stats assignment, then studying for the exam, then my final. The day after, my sister and I cleaned the house for 8 hours straight because my family was coming from Kuwait.

The following day, it was some more tidying up and errands. Of course, I dropped my sister off at around 7:30-8:00 am then went back to sleep after I got home. I didn't sleep more than six hours altogether.
First day of Eid, I only slept for a solid 2 hours before I went to eid prayer at my university's football field. It was a shame my lil sis couldn't come. I love eid prayer because you really see the muslim community together. Dad met Alex for the first time, it was neither good nor bad, it went well, better than expected, but with my dad it can spiral either way. Now we have to play our cards right. Mom and I had to break down the conversation in the car to my sister, and I threw my mom under the bus so my sister wouldn't sound too bad. She got the hint and followed through with what I started and then later she apologized to mom, who said it was a smart move. We ate at Corra's where I left hungry and agitated that my sister kept offering my food to others because it was plenty in her eyes. Then we went shopping for furniture. (the house is empty)

Next day, my uncle and his family were to come from Toronto, so I cooked enough for 11 people, only to find out my uncle milked it and wasn't coming at 5 pm like I was told, but 11 pm. I also burnt my elbow by pressing it against the oven pan. I also applied to 12 Tutoring/teaching jobs abroad.

Today, I applied to another job... I dropped my sister off for the second time to her job, then I couldn't buy any gift for my sister's upcoming birthday because all the stores were closed that early in the morning. So, I waited until Spencer's opened, and the merchandise was disgusting. I also couldn't go downtown because dad called saying that my uncle wanted to switch to another motel because this one was bad. What's weird is that my dad's paying, and he could have at least googled or searched good places in the month he knew he was coming.
I did get fatayer, not the best, maybe just the meat. My dad was pretty hostile towards my mom. We went to P. cove. my dad and uncle were rather loud and embarrassing I had to tell them to be quiet a few times. My cousins and I took a bunch of pictures and climbed about the rocks there. Then we went to a memorial then to a place to make coffee for my uncle. Except said place they decided to sit in, has a no trespassing sign, so mom ended up leaving them and sitting with us on the public bench. She disliked doing anything immoral in front of us as to not leave a bad image or look like a hypocrite so we don't lose her respect. It reminded me of Atticus from To Kill a Mockingbird. Mom refuses I buy the book, but I think I will.

Afterwards, we got home, they got 4 lobsters, some fish, and also yesterday's leftovers to make and eat. Then we played uno, spoons, and cheater. It was fun. I heard the older folks laughing downstairs, when it quite I wanted to join them, but all I saw was mom and dad yelling then mom walked out for a smoke to calm herself which really bothered me. My mom is very stoic. I sometimes wish my parents would divorce, but I feel I'm in no place financially to do that.

It's just unfortunate. and I know it's because of grandma, but it's not just one persons actions.

Anyhow, today was the last day of eid. I will try to buy a gift tomorrow somehow after we go berry picking.


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