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Friday, August 11, 2017

First Fulltime

I have been FINALLY hired!

Gosh, I must've applied to a 100 positions or so in the past couple of months! I only managed to get 4 interviews, including CHINA (I was desperate). I've been even rejected from staples, in which an interview was not even given.

My ideal would have been that one Research Assistant job where I could have delved into research, scientific writing, customer service, and administration.
However, I was accepted into this one amazing call centre who has a client that is based in NYC!

So, no matter how much I mess up, I will never really meet said customers. In fact, I may even talk with celebrities (doubt it).

what's amazing is how nice everyone is so far. All colleagues seem nice, we met the VP on the first training day, we have been told to reach out for help whenever needed, and everything is being realistic and straight forward. I love that.

I'm supposed to be paid 12$ an hour, it's full time, 2 weeks paid vacation, and my benefits will kick in in 3 months!

I asked to switch to the night shifts only, and I will get 13$/hr for that! Which is great! that way I free up my mornings for volunteering and hopefully if my friend passes her research assistant job to me, it would be glorious experience.

My resume is gonna get hyped, but what's great is that I feel so much more relaxed now. I feel like I have some aspect of control over my life. I'm slowly crawling out of the valley of despair and making peace and amends with the fact that I will never be a doctor.

It's hard, but at least even if I do not get accepted into any type of program or masters next year, I will still have a paying job.

Truely, Alhamdulellah.


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