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Saturday, April 25, 2015

MCAT: And so it begins

I just wanna update this a bit by saying I got my palpitations twice on the fourteenth in karate while attempting to semi-free and free spar.
I also have started studying the MCAT with Grace since my test is on June 20 and today I officially stopped volunteering to the Hand Care Program at the hospital because I can not jungle karate, MCAT, and two volunteers, and also Grace's volunteer time. So, our volunteers combined have eaten out our friday and Wednesday. Karate is either at 7pm or 10 am, so, I will give it a try tomorrow to see if I can train a bit before nationals.
My other volunteer is with a third Japanese girl who is sweet like the rest of 'em. I've already met with her three times. I wish not to come out too strong on her, but it's hard not to when there's little to talk about.
With Grace, we are doing somewhat okay with all the topics except physics. We don't know where  in God's name to even need tutors!
Plus, each chapter, regardless of the subject, is taking an average of 3 hours to do! So, we decided to study two chapters each day, everyday until the second week of June, then I have to do a lot of exams and tests and such.
She's really good to study with, but augh, I hate studying, and seeing her every single day for like forty days is gonna kill me. I love her and all, but I want at least one weekend!!!


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