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Monday, January 25, 2016

Unicorn man

Again, been so long to the point I'm unsure what to start with.
How I feel, what occurred recently, today's events, my achievements thus far, keeping up with current events..Augh..

There's too much to talk about that I'm overwhelmed.

Today, a friend I've been talking to since I was 12 has proposed to me online. I know nothing will happen, and I told him that. but he did tell me he's "kinda serious". Every once in a while he would bring up marriage as a statement. He was the first person to tell me that I would make a good wife. Maybe the only person to even say that, honestly. The person that kept talking to me about hugs until I've learned to accept them (I still don't like them from most people, but I definitely stopped dodging them!)
A lot of it is just basic maturity I suppose. He was also the first guy to tell me I'm beautiful and now he's the first to bring up marriage talk. I mean a bunch of other guy friends would joke about marriage with me. but, I guess he's the first. It's so odd that he's not even my type physically or personality wise. We don't even like the same things, certainly we talk differently, different cultures and religions...What does he see in me again?
He even talks to me about all the girls he likes or dated or just slept I find it odd that he would want someone he never met in person. Makes me wonder how bad the women in his area are.
Imagine my parents' reaction to someone online marrying me.

"How did you meet?" They'll ask. What will I say?

I've been trying to make the guys I like dislike me.. I talk about other men in front of them so that they would know I too get attracted to other people. I talk about periods to disgust them. I joke around and say violent things. But since we're friends, I suppose I only grow on them.
On other news, another friend who keeps joking about marrying me as well has finally grown attracted to a girl. I don't know if he will try dating her or not, and it does hurt a bit..but I'm sorta happy for him.
I can't help but feel a bit sad that I'm not the centre of his attention, but I know it's only good for him to like someone he can date. I made that conclusion years back with the first guy.

Enough of that!

Today I broke one of the trays my sister had for my graduation "party", so I will try to look for another one in Winners'. I also talked to my mom on the phone for a bit then cooked roasted chicken. It actually tasted amazing, and I don't even like chicken! It could have been because I was fasting, 5 more days left. Muslimas will understand.

Also, I did not do much with regards to studying, which is stressing me out. I did; however, have a busy week and weekend, so it was nice to have a full day chilling by myself and relaxing and sleeping late.
Thank God my Mondays are not hectic, but I do have to go shopping for a gift for Lina!


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