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Monday, January 25, 2016

Research Assistant

Thank God my Mondays this semester are really good. Since I have only one class on Monday that starts at 1:00 pm, I was able to take the car to school... (yes, we have a Toyota Matrix now!)

After class I went to the library to take pictures of the assigned readings from a book on reserve at the library because I'm too cheap to buy the actual book. Why spend 160 dollars when I can access it for free?

Afterwards, I had 40 minutes left before the two hour parking space is at its limit, so I went to the Bird professor's office in order to finish parafilming the blood samples. I now volunteer as RA (research assistant) for one of the professors at my university. I think it is the most convenient volunteer position I have had thus far. It had taken me almost two hours to parafilm all the samples, but it was over today. Upon informing the prof of such, she informed me that I come often enough to the lab/ office that she will try to get me my own key. How flattering is that? I think that made my day! She did not seem to look forward to volunteer research assistants because she told me that they find difficulties committing to the job. She's not entirely wrong, I know I will slack off mid semester and probably deteriorate by the end of it. This is why I am doing my best to put as much of my free time between classes and after classes to help out. This will make me look good in front of her, first of all, as I do wish to impress. And second of all, I really do know my limits and I want to take advantage of the fact I have only one class on Monday, and that I some times drop by on Fridays to study with a friend.
After I was done with the blood samples, I drove to pick up my sister so we can go to the mall together. It really was nice hanging out together, we really have not been leaving the house together in such a long time. Maybe since we got back from Kuwait in early January!
We shopped for a gift for Lina, we got her a necklace and a birthday card. I hope she likes them, she has been really stressed with her boarding exams.
My sister then drove me home and went to the night class. My sister's classes this semester suck ass and I honestly am surprised she's not breaking down already. She usually gets extremely anxious and stressed, and while I know she is stressed, she seems to be handling it a lot better than before.
I should probably tell her that! I have a habit of keeping nice things in my head and saying mean things..that's not right.

I better go catch some sleep.


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