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Saturday, April 27, 2013

Three more days

I don't feel well. I have three more days to travel to Kuwait, and I still have not packed my clothes. In fact, we still haven't fully unpacked the boxes either. I'm such a lousy sister, I'll probably leave this mess for my sister to clean. I'm also leaving my sister here alone for two months. I no longer know why I'm returning to Kuwait. My parents said They want to come to Canada in the Summer, that made me wanna yank my hair out. I don't understand them. We're broke, we're always broke. Why do they want to spend their money to come here? to relieve themselves from the stress of work. The same parents who told us to try and get student loans, and try to make us save on food, clothes, electricity, and health are spending their money buying a new t.v. ( sure the last one lasted 10 years or so), new furniture and also want to come to Canada. I have to still pay my visa, and I lost my 2000$ scholarship. My older sister also attends university, and my younger is in a private school. My parents also want us to buy a car in Canada. They will also be coming to Canada next year to help us move to toronto. My sister also has a debt to her university, and my parents were supposed to be saving for two things, a down payment on an apartment, and retirement since they're in their 50s. I don't understand why they can't just go to a closer country, or relax at home ( nvm on that one).
 I think these are the reasons were always broke, whenever we get money we're quick to spend it. then again, we aren't quick to fix our problems, like the furniture we had for 15 years. Augh, I hope I somehow become a successful doctor so I can get a good payment.

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