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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Last Day of Karate (winter semester 2014)


I went volunteering in the morning, then I went back home to eat lunch and at 3:00 I met up with Revi to wrap the senseis' gifts. We got them Peeps and a lindt chocolate each. You see, our main sensei raises chickens for shows and we though a peep would be appropriate for her!


We also signed thank you cards, then headed to our karate class. man, karate was a lot of fun. Sensei made us hold two cups of water and do kicks with them, so we would not move our hands from in front of us since some of us lose control of their arms or something. She then told us whoever drops water has to get into plank position and wipe it with the tissues a la Miyagi style (three sweeps right, three sweeps left). It was so hard to hold them, kick and not laugh at the same time.

Afterwards we went out to eat at Relish ( a burger place). I had my very first veggie burger, and I do not know what I was expecting, but it did NOT taste good. It was like mushy fried peas. Oh well!
Oh, also our sensei gave us chocolates too. She gave everybody lindt chocolates because it was our last karate class together at this gym.
However, Travis came up to me and told me that the Nationals for karate will be in Quebec next year, and asked me if I want to go. I told him I'll think about it. He said that we will drive there, it's only a one day trip. I don't know if I should travel alone with two men, it's nothing I've ever done before. It's quiet risky, I do trust them, but still. If something were to happen to me there, they have to take complete responsibility over me. Hmm, I'll consult my parents.

I was also asked to join the other dojo during the summer. I really would love to, I mean I already know my next kata, but I have summer classes in May then I'm going to be in Kuwait in June and July, so that leaves only August to practice in. How good can that be? Actually, I already know the kata by heart, and the other moves will not be that different. I think if I also practice a bit in Kuwait, and go there on Saturdays (it's on Saturdays and Mondays) in May, I can do it.

I'm insane! I always manage to find ways to make my life harder or busier. However, right now, this week. I am NOT busy. So, I will try to do the laundry tomorrow, cook the food and clean the kitchen. My sister is busy, so I should help more than that! I need to bring my A game!

On another note, it snowed today!


Pray for me,

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