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Monday, April 21, 2014


I took the 20 (bus) towards Scotia Square at 11 this morning. I went there to meet up with "Justin" and "Revi". We walked all the way to Tim Horton's down at the waterfront. It was so odd, this feeling of complete freedom. It felt like I was a caged bird who has just stepped out of it's prison. Suddenly, there was light and colour. I spaced out as we walked, I spaced out into the sky for a while and then by my unfamiliar surroundings through the path "Revi" took us in. It's a nice feeling not having to stress over anything. I hope such feelings last.
But alas, they will not. May is in a week, and my summer course will start then. I can already feel my chest clenching with anxiety.

After we ate at Tim's and walked along the waterfront, we headed back to the bus station. They left for another mall, while I went to the superstore to buy some groceries and then meet up with my sister to eat outside. My sister was still busy with her friend, buying groceries too, and so we missed the lunch menu...and I was also locked out of the apartment because our sublet had my key. My sister called Jim, the super attendant , and he opened the door for me about half an hour later. What an ass...

I went inside and; as I have previously stated, we missed the lunch menu; which we had a groupon offer on, by the time my sister arrived home. So, we ate leftovers.
I also ate two cookies and three/four tim bits, making me a total fat ass.

Tomorrow, I need to buy Peeps (marshmellows) for my sensei, and return a book, borrow a book, and go to karate. I missed karate, I haven't been there in at least a week because of my exams.

Good night,

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