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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Houstan, Texas

I really don't wanna write so I'll make this brief.
I'm visiting my aunt in Houstan and so my cousins Ro, Mo, and N. Only N is a girl and my aunt H.
Theyre all more or less friendly, the boys are a little self centered cause theyre only childs.

My trip was pretty bad, but it couldve been worse. I think what stressed me out the most was that people kept calling and messaging me.
Yesterday we went to NASA museum which the only fun part was playing the plane shooter stimulus which is so fun. We spun upside down and such and I was th0e pilot while N was the shooter.

Today we went to Houstan's zoo where we fed the girraffes, pet goats, cat, and looked at many animals peeing. We saw chimps pooping then eating their own poop. Most disgusting moment of the day. We ate dippy dots ice cream, and ate dinner at home. It was salmon with sweet potatoes and salad, tasted great.
best part was that when we played uno, I won twice, then when we played tarneeb, me and N won the sets and when we plays hand rami, I won from the first round, and we even okayed old maid and I won the first time. I drove Ro insane. We had the most fun playing tarneeb because Ro and I suck at the game, we made our partners absolutely insane.

inshalkah tomorrow will be fun too.


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