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Friday, February 20, 2015

Failed It!

I failed my driver's test this morning, it really sucks. I've got 63 points, when I needed 45 or less to pass. I can do another test next week, but it's really frustrating to do the whole procedure of calling axis NS and booking and going there, and calling someone to borrow their car. It's so annoying. It's really embarrassing too, I feel sorta ashamed that I was not able to pass.

On other news, I went to a little gathering. they were my sister's friends and such, but I was also invited. We played taboo, which was extremely fun and I was good at it too. I looked SO HOT to the point that I told my Star that if  I wasn't me I'd marry me. I'm hot, smart, funny, and somewhat nice. I've got everything going on in all the right places and my personality is amazing. I straightened out my hair, then I curled some strands and messed them up a bit, while pulling back a few. That made my hair not so flat, but messy the way it always is, yet neat in the aspect that it wasn't frizzy and such. 

Speaking of Star, I talked to him on the phone while eating fried chicken, and doing the dishes. I still need to work on my paper, and Revi is coming over tomorrow for a sleepover. Augh..busybusybusy.


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