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Sunday, February 1, 2015

International Hijab Day!

Oh Lord almighty, thank you. I just saw my first midterm's grade for microbiology and I got a 95.4% in it. The midterm is only 10% but that means I already have 9.5 of it. Which is AMAZING!
On my Learning psych course, I managed a 96% on the first midterm, this one has 25% of the total.

God, I hope I can keep this up. Please, God, I hope I do. My GPA is the only thing fighting for me for medschool, because I know that my MCAT scores will be shit. But, if I can manage a great GPA average, then maybe I will have a better chance of being considered.

On ..completely unrelated news.
My friend Revi decided that tomorrow, on behalf of international try a hijab day, that she will wear one too. No, I never told her about this day, but I think she picked it up from my facebook. Isn't she the greatest? I don't care if we never speak ever again, I'll never forget how sweet this woman is. She puts me to shame. The idea of this day is to put yourself in a muslim girl's shoes or rather hijab before you judge. The sad part is, that most people who probably participate are already the sweetest, most open minded people, then again it will be awesome to see my friend's reaction if any! I shouldn't pry though.
She's coming over tomorrow morning so I can see her, and possibly help her out. House is a usual mess, but oh well!

Also, my sister loved the food I made yesterday. and I love her brownies, and we seem to be getting along very well. alhamdulellah

Thank God,

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