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Friday, February 20, 2015

Things to do.

Yesterday's karate class, guess what? palpitations again! They happened at the very first punch of warm up. It was a three punch, step in, head, stomach, stomach. The first head punch I did in the whole class, and I got my palpitations. They didn't go away until I sat down and relaxed, focussed on my breathing and such. It was a little embarrassing, because we were supposed to be doing kicks by then, and I was just sitting, and sensei looked at me for a bit. I'm glad she didn't point it out. I've been sitting at random moments in her class more often now. I don't wanna excuse myself every time.
She drove me home yesterday, and I should've told her bout my palpitations. I mean, I did tell her before, but how is she supposed to remember something I told her about a year or more ago? I know she'll be okay with it too.

I also have to write this stupid paper that I barely started. It's due in three days, but there's a party today, a funereal tomorrow, and a dinner after, then school starts again. God, I'm gonna legit cry.

I have my driving test in a few minutes, pray for me.


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