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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Glasses and Ipod

Yeah, so, today is not the best day.
I'm neither sad nor angry, just drained.

The stupid fly breeding thing is going no where, even though it has been a whole week. So, that's frustrating. When I was in the lab, I put my glasses in my pocket and wore the lab goggles, since I was using ether. When I put my glasses back on, there was this scratch that went from the top to the bottom of my lense I am so upset about that. It took forever to find those glasses, and they didn't even last a year and i dont even know what happened for God's sake!

Then after karate, I notice that, hey, wait a minute! I can't find my pink ipod nano. So, that's great! The last time i remember seeing it is when I was sitting in my little emo corner in the library and I removed the headphones from it to insert them into the tab. So, that's wonderful. I totally lost a 80 Kd device, so yeah about 230 dollars worth... and I was just too tired to go and look for it because I'll miss the bus and so I just went grocery shopping then went home.
Don't judge me, I've been in school since 8 Am and I reached home at 9 pm so, Tuesdays and thursdays aren't my days! I swear if someone points a gun at me after i go out of karate, I'll just walk past him and just...bleh

I just can' going to sleep now..I just can't..

- had heart palpitations tonight too-

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