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Saturday, January 11, 2014

Skating in the Rain

Oh, my God, what a beautiful day I had with my friends: Justin, Revi, and her friend Scot.
Justin also got two of his friends to come too, which is great! the more the merrier.
I don't know if you guys remember, but us four were the same four who went to the Hal-con I previously talked about in my other posts. We had a blast then, and we had a blast now.

One problem though, it was raining! It was ridiculous weather, but Canadians! Apparently, weather doesn't stop us from going outside! I had like three pairs of socks on, three layers of clothing plus my rain coat so, I was totally prepared.

Revi told me I can use her old skates because they dont fit her anymore, and they fit me! We went skating and it was fine and dandy, but Justin doesn't know how to and it was just hilarious watching him try with Scot and Revi on either side of him pulling him along. I managed fine, I wasn't that great, but I can stand and skate (sorta) on my own.

Justin's friend fell FLAT on his face, he totally faceplanted. He landed on his chin though, which started bleeding. He was taken out of the rink and justin followed him. Later on, they skated one lap then decided to head home.

It was just us three then, Revi, Scot and I. each one took one hand and tried to drag me too, but I tried to reassure them that I can skate. you know, until my ankles started wobbling insanely and my right shin was in so much pain that I just had to go and sit down on the benches outside to stretch it out. I told them to skate without me and that I'd catch up, but they skated once and came after me. It was both sweet and bothersome. I didn't want them to lag behind because of me. I just needed a little break...but they stood by my side. Which was nice considering the first time I went ice skating with a "friend" i was totally ditched!

I tightened the skates then headed back with the duo to the rink. It was just great, us three skating in the rain. It felt really great, I didn't even feel cold. I started wobbling a bit after some time and Scot kept a hold of my hand because I refused to hold Revi, since I kept having this awful feeling that I'll drag her down with me if I fall. It was a little embarrassing holding his hand though, even though I had huge purple mittens. I let go every once in a while to skate on my own...then I fell on my hands and knees and quickly rose up. They looked so worried but I was okay, nothing really happened.
Then we decided to do one last lap then head home since my leg hurts, the skates are all lose and everyone is pretty much soaked.
The last lap was hilarious because Revi started this rhyme scheme when I said  "Good thing I didn't fall on my face" which she replied to "in this darn place" and Scot just added "we're getting close to base" and we just kept saying strange things like "what an awful disgrace" "were not being chased" "if we were we'll use mace" "that has great taste" " these memories I dont want erased"
It was just too much fun!

And then we walked out and I gave Revi the ring I got for her from Kuwait, and I think she loved it. Of course since it's a ring, a few marry me jokes popped in. I told her she's gonna have the babies! She told me I can keep the skates and I felt a bit bad about that. I mean, I don't skate a lot!!!
We walked together to the bus station, and on the way we laughed and poked fun together. It was great, I gave them and awkward good bye and then I continued my walk home.

It was just and amazing day. I came home with soaked pants, but otherwise I was pretty dry. My cheeks and thighs were really red though, and then i went back outside to pick a few things from the grocery store for my sister to cook. We ended up not cooking and eating leftovers and eggs!
I knew it would happen, but I just didn't wanna leave the house tomorrow!
My sister and I are totally hooked on Friends now, as if we didn't watch it before! but, I never watched it in order before. It's just the series is so hysterical, but I always feel bad about the Ross and Rachel relationshit. Chandler, however, is AWESOME!

Augh, I hope we go ice skating again...or just hang out again, the four of us!


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