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Friday, January 31, 2014

double palpitations

I got my heart palpitations twice in karate today. This was new...
They're becoming more frequent in karate. I wonder if I tell this to a cardiologist, will he give me the device to measure my heartbeat with. Maybe this way I can record it. Ill see how much I can try to manipulate this heart beat.
I also think my sister has stress rash, but I dont wanna get her angry now. I think shes pmsing.

Damn, should I tell my sister about the palpitation? I'm still thinking about it. I know i don't wanna tell my parents because theyll over think it, but I also kind of wanna tell my sister. I mean I know my condition is not serious or anything, but I wanna tell  her about it. Maybe she'll keep track with me too because her memory is better. She'll also hate it if i dont tell her something. Then again, I'm keeping track here.....

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