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Monday, November 10, 2014

Big Hero 6

We used the free tickets, drinks and popcorn and I watched the movie yesterday with Revi and my older sis. It was AWESOME. A bit sad though, it actually bummed me out from the start and I couldn't get over one character's death. It's disney after all, someone HAS to die!

I loved the characters though. I loved baymax, I loved Hiro, and the classmates and their personalities. I liked Tadachi. Jee, I hope I'm pronouncing their names right. I really liked the humor, I laughed out loud, and I can't believe they showed a kata from karate that I know of; basadai.

Great movie, worth the watch, it was waaay better than Frozen. The villain was a bit predictable, but I loved how everything else wasn't very cliche. did NOT like the sad parts!

I really hope they make it into an actual show the way they did for lilo and stitch and Tarzan. I would love to watch this as a series, or as a comic! It's that good!

Also my sister and I had breakfast at Cora's, we split our food so we won't be conflicted over eating something sweet or salty!

check out this awesome cosplay of Hiro!

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