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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Creepy Man

Waaah, the creepy bangladish guy from last year's calculus class called me today!
I totally ran away from the phone when I saw his name on the screen!!!!!

I'm such a wuss, but I can't confront my problems...I don't wanna encourage his behavior! I...he freaks me out, it's so uncomfortable talking to him!!!!

you don't understand people, he hit on me several times, and and...I'm not used to this nonsense! Like, the last conversation I had with him went like this: he talked with his friend in their own language and when his friend left, I asked him what he said. He looked me straight in the eye and told me 'he said you're the most beautiful girl he's ever seen.' What load of crap is that?!
I wear a hijab! and I didn't have any makeup on that day, and I was sitting down, and that guy was clearly talking about something bothering him, without even taking another glance at I just find it disgusting that a man you're not in any relationship with would tell you such sentimental words so easily. Augh!!! and it isn't the first time!

He's like what 26? 28? And I'm only 19!!! and I ...totally cut off all ties with him ever since he started those comments like ooh you're so beautiful...and..talking bout marriage and Why do guys always talk about marriage! It's like CHILL THE FUCK OUT I'M ONLY 19!!! Even my backwards grandma doesn't pressure me  into marriage... like what the hell! Just because I don't date doesn't mean I'm gonna be in an arranged marriage..or planning on marrying you. aaah!!! and what's worse about that guy is that I genuinely thought he had a hard time adapting and I showed him the prayer room, because he asked! and I told him to stay strong and shit like that. But he kept whining bout how he misses his mommy, and I told him to chill, I'm not seeing my mom either and I'm fine with it. He also complained about how drunk girls threw themselves at him in the elevator and I stupidly believed it. Then later on, I see pictures of him on facebook with beer bottles in his dorms and with him in parties or what not. Okay maybe it wasn't beer? but seriously, i don't know. He just creeps me the shit out. Makes my tummy flip and tighten.

what do I do with this phonecall! I already ignored one of his messages this semester. I can't keep ignoring him can I? what If I run into him in school...wait..I only have an exam on Wed, then my semester is practically over! GAH! what do I do!?

So scary!

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