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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Pizza Delivery

*Someone calls me and I pick up*
him: yeah, hello you just ordered the pizzas blah blah and your credit card isn't working.
me: I didn't order any pizzas.
him: Maybe someone else in the household ordered it.
me: haha, yeah, no one ordered pizza.
him: We are standing outside with 2 medium blah blah pizzas
me: Do you even know what this address is? This is 2155....(wait..why am I telling a stranger where I live....) Well, tell me what address you're in!
him: Well, someone has to pay for it!
me: Well, it's not gonna be me! I didn't order anything!
him: You have just been pranked by blah blah
me: I hate you 
him: *hangs up*
me:  lol, what just happened?

I told my sister what happened and she laughed.
sis: You made me fart!
me: I should put that on facebook.
sis: no, don't!
sis: but that's funny, you made me laugh so hard I farted!
me: *facepalms*

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