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Sunday, March 2, 2014

Asian Men (Girl Talk)

That's it! I like eastern asian men! I can't help it! >o< with all the mangas I read, it probably influenced me a bit, but come ON! They rarely have any body hair, which I kinda find gross, and some of them have really smooth skin and most importantly for me is that jaw bone.

The best part in a man is that jawbone, I don't know, I feel like it makes him look manly and shapes the face really well. they also look really good with long hair, short hair, spiky hair, dyed hair, and even messy hair. It's just pretty amazing.

Korean Actor: Jang Hyuk
and just, look at this body: UH!

Just look at this body: AUGH!
Just, look a this body: gah!

They work out! and when they walk in the room...this is what..wait..back to subject.

That's something also nice about their body, is that that I don't like guys to be too skinny, but also not insanely bulging muscles either. So, my type would be more of the guy in the last picture instead of the middle picture. If they were a bit tan, that would be so much nicer. hmm, heck even if they don't have any muscles but work out like that  vietnamese guy I know. DAMN, his body is so hot, and I usually don't give a flying crap towards stomachs because I think belly buttons are disgusting. Wow I trailed off, but his beach picture on facebook, was very nice. He didn't have abs, but his tummy was smooth and he looked like he worked out. hmm... would be nicer if he tanned a bit. I think I'll save that pic of him. Don't judge me, I know you guys save pics of hot people too. I mean, I can't just collect anime pictures all the time.

I don't know. and it isn't just their bodies, I mean, they have such cute faces, and adorable smiles. Sure, they're eyes aren't their best features, but it's like that little imperfection that makes the person even more special you know? and it kinda grows on you too.

and I just tried to search for pictures of asians, and I just got like two dicks right after i clicked enter. Apparently "topless" means "naked". wow, that concludes our pictures for today. ....


I know those pictures I posted are of actors and i think a swimmer? so that isn't fair and so I tried looking for normal guys, but now I'm a little scared.
It's just my university is stock filled with transfer students from china, japan and KSA. well, the eastern asians took over the school of commerce and I see a lot of them, and a lot of them are cute. Some have a cute walk, others look so disgusting with their blank stares, but some have adorable smiles and cute laughs and such amazing jaw lines, and long necks... and they always look clean as opposing to other people.

I know, I'll search for university people! They can't mistake "university" for "naked" right?!

It's just that most asians I've met are either average, or cute. even if they're not cute, the longer you look, the more they rub off on you. With arabs, for example, the guy is either good looking, ugly, or average. Even then, some guys are good looking but they just disgust you, so you immediately block him in your head.
I wanna marry an asian! yes, an asian muslim. He'll be the most passive man on earth! Like that Malaysian guy I met! He was very sweet, helpful, and kind. He showed support in the ProPalestinian protest and was even like all of Malaysia respect and support Palestine. and I thought, "oh, you little ambassador you!" and he never did that creepy compliments some guys do whenever they meet a woman. "oh, you're so beautiful." shit. creepy as hell mofo, don't go around flirting with women. yeah, I'd like a Malaysian Muslim husband, or like a Japanese Muslim husband, and then I'll have a reason to learn Japanese! I think Japanese muslims are so rare though.
awww, they're so cute!

... and suddenly,  I can't find any cute Asians any more. Seriously?!

but, I did find this cute baby =D

aww, look at those eyes.

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