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Monday, September 23, 2013

Animal X Aragami no Ichizoku (manga)

This manga I've read in two days. It was seriously weird. The weirdest first chapter and a very odd plot all together.

         I was looking for Drama, Action and gender bender (yes, I like gender benders they're usually hilarious or tragic. two things I love to read about), but have not realized that this manga also carried the genre of Yaoi and Science fiction. How can all these random genres mix?
Let me explain, you see, It is about a young man, Yuuji, that is engaged to this lovely lady. This man is a squeamish hesitant submissive doctor. But then, a monster (by all literal means) named Minato jumps in his window one day and demands that Yuuji should bare his children! Yes, this is EXACTLY how the first chapter was. And there I was laughing my ass off at the unexpected plot (since I didn't read the summary for some reason).

SPOILER ALERT! (well, it's just more to the plot really)
        Realistically, yuuji screams for help, a man enters and minato just literally bites his head off. Yuuji blacks out at the sight of blood and is then kidnapped by the monster child to his village which is populated by dinosaur men!
Just to make things more fun, it turns out that Yuuji, was in fact an experiment of some sort and that HE developed female sex organs. Oh, I forgot to mention that while all of this is happening, a group of other monsters are trying to steal Yuuji and impregnate him as well. Also! this is all happening while some disease is being spread over the world.
Yes, this is one messed up love story, but still better than twilight! XD

Minato (black hair) hugging Yuuji back
(I think that's exactly how I look when I'm hugging anyone!)

It was rather short, and it's complete and I think I'll read the other Animal X mangas. Man, it was just so hilarious.

Oh God, it has a sequel and a third one too! I just noticed that the third manga of it  I have always come across and overlooked because I did read it's summary and was totally appalled by it.


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