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Thursday, September 26, 2013

MCAT 2015

They are making a new MCAT for 2015 (I'm graduating 2016, so just my luck) and I heard it is going to include Psychology!

I'm happy all those psyc classes I studied for as electives are gonna pay off, but WHY!? DOCTORS ARE NOT PERFECT! Why are you trying to look for super people? People who have volunteered and helped the community ( to see if they're social), people with high grades for MCAT and major (To see if they're smart), people who are members and leaders of societies (To see if they're leaders), Essays for entrance (to see their motives). A degree with a minimum of 5 courses a semester (to see how we can handle stress and pressure). God damn, I know a lot of people complain that doctors treat patients like objects, but I'm sure not all of them are like that. Psychology too? just keep piling shit on our backs, let us compete with each other over minute amount of seats!
I no longer know if I can pull all of this off, SPECIALLY after getting to know my competition. People who are actually smart enough to get a B+ in organic chem! Augh, I'm not even social! I'm also awkward, and you have noticed UNABLE to produce proper sentences with ease.

I honestly still am interested in being a doctor. I scratched the nurse idea because it sucks regardless of payment.

To be an MD or not to be?

Yes? No? maybe? I don't know.

Note: Thank God I found my volunteer ID in the vest pockets as I had suspected!

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