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Thursday, October 9, 2014

Muay Thai

So, I broke a hole in a glass cup yesterday. (just moving disaster things)
I cracked it 2 weeks ago and forgot to throw it out, so while cutting the chicken, I ... I broke it with the knife. I don't know how to explain it

The left side is the one facing forward, do you see the hole?

Today, I was doing my fish midterm and kicked a girl's chair when I was leaving. apologized to my friend and gave the professor a cheesy grin before leaving.

and when i was talking to her after class, I wanted to ask if she was going to eat the chicken wings now, and instead I had pointed at her and exclaimed"Turkey!" ...then lowered my hand, "I'm getting closer, hold on.....aaah...wings! chicken wings! now?"
She was gobsmacked, dropped her jaw and everything.

and While I was introducing myself to the muay thai instructor. I screwed up big time. He asked "who are you?" and confused, I said "I'm new" He asked again, and to his dismay I gave out the same reply. He then put out his hand and said, "Hi, I'm Ben!" ....
Little did  I know he wanted my name.
I tried out Muay Thai for the first time today. They do a lot more practicing on contact and with pads than karate. So, it's interesting. The people looked rather intimidating at first. most of them consisted of tall muscular white men, with the exception of tall muscular black man, tall fat white man, and chinese girl! Then the people I knew showed up after class had started.

I wanna know if my sister can take Muay Thai...I want her first reflex to be knocking someones tooth out. Perhaps improve and develop her self confidence and outlook. It's intimidating and frustrating at first, but once you get in that group, it's just feel more together as a person. 
I'm gonna hurt my cousin Mo one way or another. He hurt my sister, she's stressed, she wanted to know whether or not to go to vancouver because she wasn't sure she will have fun. Instead of MOM coming over here to NS and instead of attending her graduation and spending eid with me and my mom, she spent it with my two aunts and Mo and this is the result?! ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME. I might go to Houstan this christmas with him, and when I do. I plan on hurting him. I don't know if I plan to be passive aggressive, uppercut his stomach, or mentally stab and confront him. Knowing me, it will probably be the first and escalate to the second. I wish I was as reasonable as my junior high days I would've kicked him where he thinks.
I can't believe he made my sister cry, my sister will NEVER forget this for him. and She will live on for the next year or two thinking this over and over. He just fucks around with her "for fun" and leaves me the damaged goods? OH FUCK NO. I'm planning on hurting him. I have two months to plot for this shit and I will NOT let it go.

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