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Thursday, October 2, 2014

Shin Splints....AGAIN!

Hmm, I guess I have shin splints. I found the name to the symptom! Don't we all love that connect the dots games of out ailments in life! Same way I found out about my tachycardia (basically fast heart beat).

To be honest though, I only found out it was called "Shin Splints" when I was talking to someone online and complaining about the pain in my legs and how I thought it was extremely abnormal for my bones to ache in that place. That was a really long time ago though, guess you don't just walk things off!

And when I searched it, I would get a similar post to the one below:

"Your shins throb and ache after your daily run or just sprinting to catch the bus. 
It could be shin splints. They can be caused by: 
  • Irritated and swollen muscles, often from overuse
  • Stress fractures, which are tiny breaks in the lower leg bones
  • Overpronation or ''flat feet" -- when the impact of a step makes your foot's arch collapse" 
I did sprint to the bus this morning, and almost stopped after the pain kicked in, but hey I caught the bus! Though my legs were throbbing for the next two hours, and when I rubbed my shin, I felt like I was poking a bruise.

1) I probably overuse them in karate
2) I hope to GOD no.
3) and I do have flat feet!

So, There you have it!

This really sucks though, as if palpitations wasn't enough. Such awkward conditions. I mean it isn't like people see you limping, or bleeding, or old. They just hurt...a lot. specially in the cold when I'm done with my workout and sitting at home feeling like my tibias are all bruised up.
If I tell people, they'll tell me to cut down on karate or visit the doctor....I guess when I'm in serious pain I can just .. ignore it the way i always do, or if I'm at home I'll just rub some ice on it and take some painkillers. The only time painkillers worked for me!

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