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Monday, November 25, 2013


I slept for only five hours today because I stayed up all night doing my Ecology article review. I thought it was  due today because I just wasn't sure of anything anymore.
I also had to wake up at 7:10 am to pray and get ready for my Death class at 8:30. The professor handed us our term papers back, and I was so devastated by my grade. I still can't believe he gave me a 75% on it even though I worked so hard. I gave that paper a 100% on effort. the reason was because of my footnotes. He wrote and I quote "absolutely INSANE". I talked to him about it after class and he told me it didn't make sense, and that he even had a medical doctor help him read it. Why would he even say that? I was so upset that I went to the bathroom and cried. I had to pull my shit together though because I wanted to talk to my Ecology prof about the assignment. I waited half an hour before I went, hoping I didn't look like a mess when I got there, but my evolution prof (they share one office) noticed and told me if I'm okay. I told her I'm just tired because I didn't sleep well. It turns out that my ecology papers and power point are indeed due tomorrow. My ecology professor offered to postpone the due date for me. I immediately rejected and told her that I can't because I have other things due. My evolution teacher already knew of this because I have an evolution paper due on the 29th along with an exam and then two other exams the next day (one of them got rescheduled to Dec. 2nd but she doesn't know that). When I was walking out of the office, she told me that if I was tight on time then she can give me some extra time on the papers. The ecology teacher also agreed to this and offered to see a draft of my paper. I was so happy, but I told her I don't think I need it so far, but I'll let her know once I get started on the paper.

 Can they be any sweeter?
I really need to get started on the paper though. I'm still really tired even though I took a nap once I got home.
Just ...two more weeks...


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