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Friday, November 29, 2013

Wake UP!

I tried my best to stay awake today, I didn't want to waste time sleeping because I have another exam tomorrow.  I couldn't stay awake either and ended up in a daze before my sister told me to just sleep.

I had two continuous dreams. I dreamt that my sister woke me up, and that I the girl who was supposed to come to our house has come. It was supposed to be a big feast in the dream for some reason. The girl was waltzing in just like mary poppins. It was rather peculiar. I ended up being angry at my little sister and lashing out at her for eating with my cousin without waiting for the rest.

 The second dream felt more realistic. It was more or less a repeat of the first scenario. I woke up by myself and walked out of my room.  I tried to turn on the light but there was no electricity in the house. I looked over and was able to see my older sister standing next to the front door, but when i looked to my right, to the hall, there was a shadow that ran straight at me. It turned out to be my younger sister that lunged at me. She aimed for my neck forcefully rubbing and pushing my jugular in and preventing me from breathing properly. It was horribly realistic. I tried to push her away and we wrestled back into my room at the same time, the lights turned back on. I shoved her at the corner of my two mattresses and the corner hit her head. I remembered waking up to pray and I only had 5 minutes before the next prayer so I rushed to pray but as I was in my last rak'a ( cycle in the prayer), my sister's friend came and tried to shove a cookie in my mouth while I was praying. I pulled away and rejected it, but she just tried to tickle me instead. It was insane, since she's supposed to be religious! I laughed a bit in my prayer before I was done, which is not something your supposed to do, so I don't know if it got accepted. I got upset about that, and I ended up waking up for real.

I actually woke up only 3 minutes after I missed the prayer in reality. I was so upset, it's like I had a feeling. I should've prayed before I went to sleep, but I was so tired, and I thought I'll sleep for only half an hour. AUGH! this laziness will cost me.

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