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Saturday, September 6, 2014

American Football

What a night!

I just watched my very first football game today, though we lost 7-31. Pretty devastating but the other team was really good. Even though I don't know much about football, I could tell that much. I have never felt so short in my life, half the people there were above 6 feet or something, and most people were white or black, but they were all huge it was kind of intimidating. Anyways, the reason why I attended this match was because I was representing the karate club at half time. I was wearing my karate gi and everything, it was a bit embarrassing  and the adrenaline was pumping once I was in the spot light. I probably looked at awkward as I felt.
What really made my day is our husky mascot. He's so friendly and out there that every time I see him I can't help but smile. He jumps around to cheer the crowds, and he walks over to individuals shaking little kids' hands and waving at others. When he saw me standing in my gi at the side and when I looked at him, he walked over to me with his arms wide open. I gave out the cheesiest grin and hugged him back. I don't know who the guy inside is, but I love him now. I don't even care. After I came back from the middle of the field I asked sensei to take a picture with me and him together. He doesn't speak or anything just nods and stands next to me.

After the game was over, some members of the karate association started picking up the trash and we took the recyclables too. We are fundraising for nationals the upcoming summer and doing this gave us 200$ excluding the price of the recyclables we get to keep and sell. Which is amazing money for less than an hour's work. My sensei also drove me home, which was nice of her.

Tomorrow is my sister's friend's wedding, and I'm invited. I'm gonna look like a whore because I don't know how to apply makeup! I just hope I don't embarrass my sister, I don't particularly care for this wedding.

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