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Sunday, September 14, 2014

Follow up Rant

My sister didn't end up leaving the apartment like she said she will. She actually just started cleaning it thoroughly. My friends came over and she talked to them and it was good to hear her laugh so much. I know it isn't often that she does because of all the crap and stress she deals with on a daily basis. We ate my yummy lasagna, and my sister's bought cherry cheesecake. Travis bought chocolate and mango juice, while Revi bought strawberries and green salad. Justin even had seconds, so it's nice to see that when you cook. It sometimes got awkward, but it also got so hysterical that we couldn't chew or swallow the food in our mouths anymore. We then had cheesecake with the strawberries..and It was funny, I had the biggest knife in the house and almost cut Justin's finger off while he was holding the plate still for me.

So, at the end of the day when I was sitting in my room curled up in my blanket with the door closed, my sister walks in and says "So, you locked yourself in your room. Do you have anything to say to me?"
so, I told her that I guess I'm sorry I overreacted. I don't even know if I did...I just had my ears covered while she was yelling at me because I didn't want to hear anything that would make me say something I'll regret.
Then to be fair I asked her the same question and she asked "for what?" "For calling me a bitch?" She then apologized for it, and said she didn't know I heard that. Then it got a little awkward, then she spoke normally.
I guess I played my cards (words) correctly this time. Thank God. So, I guess that went well.

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