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Thursday, September 25, 2014


I dissected a lot of fish with my brand new razor! We were going so fast, one guy was measuring the weight and height, one girl was recording, and another girl and I were cutting them open to see if they're male or female. We ended up doing 75 fish in less than an hour, it was a BLAST! It was so much fun, I did like 2/3 of the fishes, I think I was faster than her. Even the guy who handed me the first fish was like "you're done already? How did you do it so quickly?" He even asked me how I'm cutting them open, and I showed him that I make a horizontal incision below the head then a vertical one that's perpendicular to it until I feel that the soft tissue has replaced.
I also noticed that you can almost tell every time if it's a female without even cutting it open by feeling the fish's tummy. If it's soft and bloated then it's probably a female. It's more evident when the fish is mature. We were working on fish as small as 4 cm!

Also, while I was talking to the guy in our group, he started laughing and when I turned around to see why, it was because of my laptop's screen saver.

Shit Bitch Bear (screen saver)

I also ate fish!

I wanna do muay thai since it's offered at my university. Problem is it's either on Wed and Mon at 6:30 or Thurs at 6, which is the beginners class for karate. And I feel as the president, that I should help out at beginners' classes. I really don't wanna do the Mon and Wed one because that way I'll have like 4 days of working out a week, and my concern is really just the stress of the busing and wasting my precious time.

I'll give it a go and see what it's like, maybe if I get real good by the end of the year, I can spar in nationals.

I also had my heart palpitations somewhere this week or the last, I can't remember.

And while I was talking to a friend, I totally fell asleep on the call. Like, not even five minutes into the call and I slept. I felt soooo bad when I woke up.


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