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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Death Course Test Grade

I took a 2 hour nap today at 6:30.

I woke up thinking it was morning, and that I'm late to class. I freaked out a bit, but all was good. I'm a little groggy but I feel better after the nap.

Earlier today, I went to confront my professor about my grade. You see, I got 79% on my test and when I asked what I did wrong on the essay questions, his reply was "Nothing, you just needed to elaborate more". That really had me boiling for two days before I went to his office hour today to get the exact information he wanted me to provide. I think I'll do a bit better next time, and I think he will try harder to explain the questions. He said he'll try to give us a class before the test just to discuss what will be on the test. I told him that I knew what was coming, and I knew the answers, but that I wasn't sure how much I was supposed to say.  That's why I was bothered with my grade anyways. I can't live my life as a slightly above average student. Not if I want to be a doctor, not if I want to accomplish anything in my life.

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