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Thursday, October 31, 2013


My favorite western holiday is Halloween!
Last year I found waldo in my chemistry class.
this year I saw even cooler things!

Mario at the bus station!
Professors in rabbit suits!
Cookie monster cashiers!

a girl in my university cosplayed as Eren Jaegner and I almost had a stroke when I saw her. I couldn't just watch, I walked to her and was like!!! "EREN!"
She turned around and was like "Yes, someone knows who I am!" then hugged me!
one of the best moments ever!
I took a picture with her <3
hehehe, she looked epic and I'm gonna die! I really wanna cosplay someday, somehow, with the hijab. I will probably go as a ninja but damn! I LOVE halloween!

The guy in my evolution lab is ultra super mega cute! okay there are two really cute guys in my group of 5, but he's just so good looking, and hilarious! I actually still don't know his name, nor am I too sure of what he looks like because I didn't get to stare at him enough. The little conversations we have I can count on one hand. We worked out a phylogeny tree together, we mated as fish, he asked me about the lectures when he went absent today(which I totally didn't get at first which made me look like a total turd.I told him I have a terrible memory and he ended up asking me how I remember to even go to class in which I answered, " I don't know!"), and he cracked jokes about today's lab. He tells the joke with a smug smile, and I'm the only one in class bursting out with laughter. I think I distracted the prof too. It was awful.

He just looked at me and asked, "Is this a trick question?" 
He told me to look at question 18, and I almost died in class trying to contain my laughter
Seriously, what type of questions are these!? I looked like such a dork!

At 6:15 pm, we had a little social gathering in karate. we joined the beginners classes with the advanced then watched Gravity. The sensei brought a full bag of junk food, we just sat and munched on the yummy fatty stuff! At the cinema, Revi gave me a birthday card, it's sweet that she remembered. Aside from my family, she's the only one that actually gave me anything.

Gravity is a movie, starring Sandra Bullocks and George Clooney, that is about an astronaut that gets stuck in space basically. the only thing I liked about this movie is the comparison to the astronaut as an unborn fetus in the womb of the spaceship and that at the end it felt like she was being born again.

It wasn't the best of movies, it isn't my type of thing, but everyone else liked it.

Happy Halloween,

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