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Monday, October 28, 2013


I'm not sure what to write here any longer. I asked a blogger that has about a hundred followers or so on how she managed to rake them in. She answered that first of all, she doesn't know much about blogging, which, is humble to say, but a punch in the gut. Second of all, she suggested I develop my own "niche".
After searching what niche is; yes, I'm ignorant, it turned out to be that it's just a major personality, an identity, or like the comfort zone for a person. I do and don't have it! (Ironically we took niche in ecology today, but it has a different definition there!)
You see, I'm the moving disaster; I'm unique and original...just like everyone else.

I do feel comfortable writing my opinions on some mangas. I am also aware that I am doing a horrible job at critiquing them. I'm not proving sufficient information on characters, nor plot really. I just simply state how it made me feel and why I like it.

I don't enjoy writing about the events that occur during the day, or such things. I do feel like I should write them, for myself though. I do like looking back at the strange things I've done, or laugh at some funny things, maybe how stupid I was? How much I grew? Memories, no matter how small, that I don't ever wanna forget.
I know I'm doing a horrible job at this, but I don't know if I'll ever want to direct my whole blog about just one thing!

On other news, there was a little meeting today in university. A representative of the medical school of my province came over to our university to answer some questions. Three important questions she answered for me was, 1) adding the faculty of art to my faculty of science is not really impressive, so don't bother. 2) the MCAT does change in 2015, but that doesn't mean I can't take the 2014 one and apply with it. 3) a sport or hobby can be added to my application to improve it as long as I can prove it.
The last one made me so happy! I thought I was just wasting my time with karate, but I guess not! I can totally include that and I have several senseis to witness my involvement. I honestly joined karate in university just to spite my bitchy principal from high school. The woman made it seem like I'm a slut for wanting to join a sport that has a man for a coach. She actually told me "you wanna hop around in front of men?" and, even my sensei took offense in her rejection, even though he wasn't there to hear it. He knew why and he got upset for me too. He's a married man in his thirties, and he's a father too. It's really insulting to accuse a man of even thinking that he may look at a girl inappropriately. It's even worse to accuse a high school girl of it, specially since I never ever had that thought in mind what so ever!
Just to prove that I'm more motivated by rejection than praise.

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