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Friday, May 17, 2013

A visit from my aunt

I woke up to fatayer in the morning. Man, I'm just gonna keep getting fatter in this country. Okay, I promise, I'll eat less now! I'll write my food in here and call it food diary, starting tomorrow. That way, I'll have to stop being a bottomless pit!
I played Cranium with my mom, L, and Dana. We also played hangman, watched funny videos and then L's mother dropped by at night.
We served them some pastries, cake, juice, and of course Turkish coffee. It was pretty nice having visitors, though keeping my cousin and sister entertained for two days was somewhat exhausting.
I only kicked my sister out twice while preparing the little platters of food.
My parents decided to travel to Canada after all, they booked the tickets and everything. oh dear God. They were pretty persuasive  but I forgot to tell them i wanted it a one way. I don't wanna return to Canada next summer. I shall be busy.

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