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Friday, May 31, 2013

Hollow (girl's talk)

Scumbag body woke me up at 10 am, right before I got my monthly visit, so that I can be fully awake for the excruciating pain.
Though first, I ate breakfast, then it was an uncomphy feeling in my core. That feeling was a simple foreboding of " you should've taken the damn pills when you were still able to stand". the discomfort grew into a numb pain then somehow escalated to mind numbing pain.
By then, my scumbag body decided to evacuate. When this happens, I usually fall asleep because I would be litterly drained of any source of energy. but not this time! This time, even after I got sick, I was still twisting and turning on bed, then on the couch, in which I asked my mom to bring me some pills, since i couldn't find them early on. She gave me two Ibuprofuns, and I almost had a heart attack when she told me I'll have to wait another hour until they take effect. I decided it would be best to do what I always end up doing in this situation: System shutdown. I went to mom's bed and half an hour of more twisting, turning, some curses and prayers, I fell asleep. Nothing makes the pain go away other than being unconscious.
I woke up at a bit past 2 pm, and I was perfectly asked me if I wanted to go eat the icecream now( it was being postponed for me) and I don't say no to ice-cream. Mom wanted to stay at home, because she missed sitting and doing nothing. That's how she often spends her free time.
So, dad took me and my sister to Sharq mall and we went to Haagen-Daz. They have really good ice-cream. I took a cone of Banana and caramel one. I love that one!
We saw some stray cats then went shopping for a gym bag for my mom. We settled on a big handbag and got it for half price. We then bought some roast beef meals from hardee's to eat at home. We also got mom an icecream too. We went home and ate all together. I think I took about 1,100 calories so far today. I'm not counting breakfast. I found a good site for calorie counts.
I still feel drowsy for some reason, and vacant and empty on the inside. To think birth is more painful, and longer too. I don't think I wanna give birth. Screw having babies, they're not worth it. I'll just get a cat.

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