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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Hetalia: Axis of Powers

I'm currently watching Hetalia with my little sister Dana. Since she hates to read the english subs, we decided to watch the dubs.
The stereotypes are so damn high!
it's a little difficult to understand the characters' accents, but It's a really funny show. I don't understand why each episode is five minutes long, or much about WW2 to understand most of these jokes, but I do enjoy the humor and stereotypes to the point that I wish an arabic country was there too, and an indian one. I don't understand why the main character is Italy either, when it was produced in Japan. Italy is adorable in both sub and dub <3.

Such an adorable country <3

on further news, there's a person out there who is actually reading my blog! 0.0
So far my most viewed is only 2 views! I think these people clicked my posts by accident.

Comment any Suggestions,

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