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Thursday, May 16, 2013

A meeting with Nor

Today I met with Nor, my bff. She drove me to avenues with her car. So glad she has one now, and we ate at The Cheese Cake Factory.We only waited for five minutes to get a table! We took appetizers, main dish, and cheesecakes for dessert. For the main dish I had the bang bang chicken, which seemed like a Thai dish since it had peanuts and coconuts in it. It really was amazing, I loved it. me and Nor gossiped about everything. High school boys and girls, university classmates, our old principal, Kuwaities, Syrians, our families, and men. She even showed me an article in the newspaper. It said, there exists a school in Hawalli where it uses travel as a replacement for grades. Students are encouraged to travel to Dubai and London in exchange for grades. Yes, this described my school perfectly. I'm giving that bitch 2 years before her crappy school goes to ruins. May God have mercy on her misguided soul. That is true, I've lived it for several years. I did have the principal's assistance telling the students in class that they would have guaranteed As instead of taking the exams if they travel to London with the school. Of course it is over priced.
Nor also dropped me off to my house before sunset, and she took the creams I got for her, and even paid me double the amount for them. I told her i'll give her her change later on. I really hope i get to see her again before she travels to Egypt.
Meanwhile, none of my family took me out, invited me, or even simply and all I wanted, visit me. Any acknowledgment will do.
My cousin did drop by this morning, before I left with Nor. She entertained my sis who did not go to school because the weather was dusty. She came with her mom, but my aunt didn't come down to see me, she just stayed upstairs at her mothers. They will visit me tomorrow though, so I guess it doesn't matter. Finally, after two weeks of being here, my family will see me. ^_^ hehe. I hope she wont be a bitch like I remember her to be.
Me, Dana, and my cousin "L" played cranium thrice. we had one person be the neutral side each time, because we lack players. I also bought pizza and souflets from Domino's Pizza for dinner.
Dad came at 10 pm today from his business trip to Dubai. Everyone is asleep now, as I watch some classic anime on t.v.

alhamudilallah on everything,
Please comment your suggestions,

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