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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

In memoir of Bosnia

I've just read a post on facebook about how people don't care for the Syrian civil war, and that history repeated it self by copying what happened in Bosnia 20 years ago. So, I did some research and I must admit what happened in Bosnia was much worse than what's happening in Syria. It was genocide, men being killed by the thousands and masjids being torn down, and women and children raped and murdered just because they're Muslim!

Some of you might say, oh no, that's not true. Well, please prove me wrong because I don't want to believe that a civil war broke out in the humanity loving Europe a mere 20 years ago only for the extermination of a religion. Wasn't nazi Germany enough? does history just continuously repeat it self? The Serbs just wanted their land to the christian orthodox, because their religion is their identity. and with the growth of Muslims in the country, they just decided to eliminate them. To put things in blunt words. How cruel.
And now in Syria, again, no one's giving a decent fuck to interfere. why? because it's a civil war. why, it's their business. that's like saying I know that that family is abusing their children, but we mustn't interfere with family!
And of course, I shall not forget Burma, who's people are suffering to this day, harassed and assaulted over their faith.
And for those atheists out there that will just go ahead and blame religion for anything and everything wrong in the world. Let me say this: this isn't just about religion, this is called greed. Greed over more land for their religion, yes. But no religion teaches to annihilate another faith.
This also explains the reason why Europe is flooded with Muslims now. Many Bosnian  Muslims must have tried to flee to other nearby countries. only to receive even more hatred there!

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